Rose&Rhodes Free : Stylish Rhodes Piano

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  • You will need Steinberg HALion (6 / Sonic / Sonic SE 3)


Rose&Rhodes Free : Stylish Rhodes Piano

The Rose&Rhodes(Free and Pro ver.) is an amazing sample of Rhodes piano series. Thanks to the Steinberg HALion(6 / Sonic / Sonic SE 3), which is an amazing sampler system, it expresses the actual tone. HALion boasts the technology of the Steinberg that can be trusted. Please use the Rose&Rhodes Free version first released by Wavements and evaluate it on our Gumroad page(

Product details(Free Ver.)

  • Operated on the stable and reliable system of the Steinberg HALion

  • Use it in any DAW : You will need this: HALion (Free)

  • Quick-load, high-quality samples
  • Very low CPU usage
  • 88 notes stylish rhodes piano

  • Just 87MB on load

  • Reverb FX
  • Tremolo FX
  • Early Reflection mode (Studio, Hall, Chamber)

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Rose&Rhodes Free : Stylish Rhodes Piano

27 ratings
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